Saturday, 12 September 2015

5's: 5 things about Autumn

If you read my post this morning then you'll know all about my new series "5's". If you didn't, no judgement, then it's pretty simple. 

Every Saturday I'll post a list of 5's, it can be 5 things about anything!

This week we have: 5 things about Autumn!

  1. Rainy days: Is there anyone who doesn't love being inside and dry on cold miserable I day? Not that we don't get Rainy days in Summer (we do, this is Britain) but Autumn rainy days are somehow that little bit better.
  2. Cosy clothes: Even though the weather means you can get away with jumpers and scarves in Summer, Autumn is their natural habitat. I personally cant wait to get my big thick scarf out the wardrobe! What cosy clothes are you waiting for?
    My big, red, chunky scarf
  3. Halloween: "But Bluestripedsquare, aren't you 21? Surely you are too old for such nonsense!" I hear you cry. Well no, I love Halloween and that is that.
  4. Clocks go back: An extra hour in bed? Don't mind if I do... We in Britain mess around with time twice a year simply to orchestrate more sleeping. Yes, really... This year, Daylight Savings end is on 25/10/15, and the clocks go BACK 1 hour.
  5. Colours: Autumn is a beautiful time of year, in which nature shows us some beautiful sights and lots of vibrant colours. Head out to the parks and local countryside to really make the most of this beauty!
There you have it. Your first 5's post! 

What would go on your Autumn 5?

Abi x