Friday, 4 September 2015

A little bit about me...

About me:

Hi, I am Abi! I’m 21 years old and I’ve been studying to be a Physiotherapist at the University of Liverpool for the past three years. 

Originally I hail from the Wirral, a peninsula jammed between Wales and Liverpool. I lived in Liverpool during my time at Uni. Now, however, I live in Neston. This is not officially part of the Wirral but its close enough I pretend it is! 

I love to read, especially science fantasy books and even have two tattoos taken from one of my favourite series. Geeky, but I love them both and really want more.

I battle a motorcycle. What I mean by that is 5% of the time I ride one and 95% of the time I get frustrated about it being broke. It’s still fun though! I also ride a bicycle but we have a much healthier relationship.

I absolutely love music but mostly older stuff and the odd modern song if it particularly resonates.

I have an amazing boyfriend who is studying to be a vet. After nearly three years together, my family have finally stopped with the cow jokes...

He also introduced me to one of my favourite things the world... which is rugby league. 
I’m totally addicted to it and even, proudly, own my own Leeds Rhinos shirt. 

So that's a quick glance at me,

Abi x

p.s, a funny sidenote, everytime I typed "Wirral" out it kept autocorrecting "viral"...