Thursday, 17 September 2015

Book review 2// Stardust by Neil Gaiman

I first read Stardust many years ago, way before the film came out. I remember enjoying it and that it differs from the film, but the details of how escape me.
So when it was chosen for Septembers Infinite Variety Book club choice to read. I decided it was the perfect time for a reread!
Stardust by Neil Gaiman, on paper because I don't have a physical copy!!
The Book
Originally I read the "book" book but this time I only had access to a kindle version on my phone. Say what you will, and I do read a lot of kindle books, but nothing beats a solid book to flick through for me. Thus, I didn't have as good of a reading experience this time.
I found that I still enjoyed the story, but was able to notice more differences between the film and book than I had expected. Time blurs many details it seems.

For one, it was definitely darker than the film, which gives the land of Faerie a more cheerful glowing output.
Also the book was more casually sexualised. Not in an "in your face" way but more realistic than the film. That's to be expected though, as the films target population included younger viewers and that kind of content wouldn't be suitable.

The book flowed well from chapter to chapter, I was able to keep up well when we switched narratives. I don't how well someone else would fare with this as it is something I'm very much used to from my own favourites.

The biggest difference for me, other than some of the slight lot changes, was the personality of Lady Una. The book and film match in that she is a slave to a witch, yet I found her to be more vindictive and realistic than the film version. I actually liked the literary version a lot more because of this, I was able to connect with her more readily. In my head I had pretty much replaced her personality with that of the films.

Rereading this book has shown me how much influence a film adaptation can have on the overall tone of a book. I hadn't realised how much I was relying on the films impressions when I thought of the book. Overall I enjoyed the reread, and still like the book but for new reasons now!! I would have liked to have watched the film again, but don't currently have access to a copy.

What differences did you like or dislike between film and book?

Abi x