Thursday, 3 September 2015

First, a confession

Hi world, it’s me Blue Striped Square,

This is not my first blog. That’s my confession. I tried and I failed the first time. It was my fault. I put myself under pressure to do something the way I thought it “should” be done, not the way I wanted to do it.

So this time I’m being honest. I’m writing things my way, about what I want, when I want. This blog is going to be a big mish mash of things because that is just what I feel is a good start for me.

That’s as much of a heads up as you’re getting right now, mwahaha. 
(That’s my attempt at an evil laugh).

I’m aiming to post once a week in general but I have a few articles lined up at that moment that will likely be more frequent.

So a short but sweet confession, if you want to know a bit more about me then go visit the About me section!  

Or keep reading to see little snippets of me, and my life.

Abi x

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