Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Life update// New job

Credit goes to my boyfriend for this brilliant pic, but how can you be stressed when looking at this Bad-ass ladybird???

Okay, since I last did a little life update (Check it out!),= things have progressed nicely for a change.
 I've had my HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) application accepted and I'm now straight up starting as a Physiotherapist, in a hospital, next week. 

Like, what??

 I was half expecting the application to be denied and me to have to wait another month to start. Nope, it got accepted and now I have to actually start planning my way towards starting a new job! I'm incredibly excited, but I'm feeling a little unprepared at the moment.  

My to-do list at present is:
  1. Buy work shoes-Priority, I'll be on my feet all day so good supporting shoes are a must
  2. Buy black socks
  3. Buy some small notepads- to jot down key details, like how to make the boss' tea....
  4.  plan my journey to work: either sort a rail pass and practice my cycle route or go out and actually retrieve my motorcycle
  5. do a little revision 
  6. get a haircut- which I'm in dire need of...oops
  7. wash and iron uniform- although it will still be my old student uniform until I get new tunics
  8. plan some lunches-I'm thinking salad, wraps...hmm
A decent amount to do, and not a lot of time to do it! It's helped me a fair bit by writing it all down in a list. So although I am really nervous, I can't wait to get stuck in practicing properly.

What are your tips for starting a new job?
Abi x