Friday, 25 September 2015

Oddballs Haul!// 10% off

Hi there! I bet you're wondering why there's a load of boxer shorts in the picture. That's because in this post I'm talking all about Oddballs!
The titular haul in question ISN'T EVEN MINE. It's my boyfriends (Lewis)! Yep, I'm that impressed, I'm writing about it when it's not mine... sad times.

So, what is Oddballs? Oddballs is a foundation that aims to raise awareness for Testicular Cancer. They primarily sell underwear in a range of bright and funky patterns, of which 10% of the proceeds goes to charity. Each pair has its own crazy design with a cool name to match. 
The brand do different sized bundles, usually themed or you can buy each pair singularly for £9.99 each.
The postman gave me some funny looks, as the packaging is as jazzy as the products!
So far in their history, they have coordinated with the charity RugbyAid to bring a Rugby themed pair of bottoms, sharing the proceeds between Rugby for Heroes as well as Testicular Cancer. They have also just released their Movember themed boxers as well, which divides the proceeds raised between Testicular Cancer Awareness and The Movember Foundation.  I'm predicting these will definitely sell quick!

In his order, Lewis got the new Movember pattern, the Rugby Aid pattern and the Honeycomb design. He also received a FREE surprise pair as an additional promotion, at the time of ordering, which turned out to be Static.  
Top L-R: Movember, Honeycomb. Bottom L-R: Static and Rugby Aid
The company frequently run additional offers, so you can find yourself picking up treats such as extra pairs, flip flops or even hats.
This is not the first order Lewis has made with the company, he's previously ordered 3 pairs (Carnival, Disco and Kaleidoscope), and received a free pair of flip flops to boot! Pun intended.... He reports that each pair he has fits really well,  Lewis ordered his usual size in all off his pairs and states that they fit howe would expect. I can add that the fabric holds the bright colours really well, as we haven't  noticed any colour running in the wash as of yet.
3 pairs at £9.99 each, plus the FREE mystery pair
At this time of year, I typically start musing and planning my Christmas presents (I know not everyone is that organised) but I think these would make a perfect gift for a brother or male friend as they're pretty relaxed and fun.

The brand also do a range of briefs for Women, although not in as many designs nor in bundles. When my underwear draw needs a refresh I will definitely be heading to Oddballs to have a nosey! As I've not tried the women's range yet I can't comment on the sizes, but I'm hoping they'll fit as well as the men's did Lewis!

 If you're interested in adding some jazzy colour and patterns to your underwear collection then make sure you use the code LEWISTOWNENDBALLS for an extra 10% off at the till.

Abi x

P.S. this is not a sponsored post, but has come from the bottom of my Blogger heart because it's a brill product for a great cause.