Tuesday, 8 September 2015

One tea does plenty

Last night I slept absolutely awful. 

Unfortunately that’s pretty common for me when I’m even the slightest bit stressed out. Normally, if I need to be up for uni or work etc I can usually drag myself out of bed and make myself get up.

At the moment however, I don’t have anything to get for, so I’ve been trying to make sure I get up early enough to see my boyfriend off before he goes to placement.

This morning he told me to not get up and stay in bed a little bit longer. I did and woke up about an hour or so later feeling a lot more refreshed.  Yet I felt pretty down about not seeing him off this morning until I came downstairs and found a mug of cold tea sat on the kitchen table.

(The one mug to rule them all....)

I mean, how awesome is that? That someone could care enough to take the time to do one thing to make your day better? I must admit it made me smile.

He’s knows me so well and always manages to make me smile, be it making me a wee cuppa or doing something goofy.
It’s the best  J

Is there anyone who always makes you smile?
Abi x

p.s. I reheated the tea in the microwave, cold tea is just not my thing...