Saturday, 12 September 2015

Something new and exciting!

My blog is very varied, mostly because I have a lot different interests. I quite like that bluestripedsquare is a little all over the place because its a more realistic reflection of my personality. That being said, I want to try and add a little more structure to my ramblings

So starting from this weekend I'm going to begin a new series of "5's". They'll go up weekly on a Saturday and cover a variety of topics. Any suggestions on topics are welcome, the weirder the better! 

For the rest of my blog, I'll hopefully be starting a new job soon, so I'm proposing a rough posting schedule for Tuesdays and Thursdays. There may be other posts in between but they will be my regular dates for all my other bits and bobs.

Phew, that's over and done with!

Yet, it is Saturday today.... So I'll be posting my first 5's post this evening!

See you later!

Abi x