Saturday, 31 October 2015

5's: 5 things about HALLOWEEN

Not to jump on the blogging bandwagon too quickly, but let's face it, Halloween is cool.
 So cool, I'm doing a 5's post on it. On Halloween. Noticing a trend here?
Guys, no-one is happier than I am about how nicely things work out here. 
So this post is on 5 things about Halloween.
This guy is happy it's Halloween...
  1. Black// I may be 21 and long past my stereotypical angst phase, but I've never lost my attraction to all shades dark. The majority of my wardrobe consists of darker shades and a fair whack of black. Halloween is the perfect time for me to showcase my love story with those darker shades.
  2. Horror films// If I'm honest, I am shite with Horror films. Literally the biggest baby ever. Sill, Halloween is the time of year when they all come crawling out of the woodwork (sometimes literally). This year I am getting into the swing of things and intend to watch a horror film. I also did my first ever Pumpkin Carving!!!Admittedly I did choose one I'd already seen before. SO a bit of a cop out, but tough shit, it's my night after all
  3. Scary stories// this ties in a little with number 2. Monsters. I loooove monster stories. Yeah, I'm totally inconsistent and can't handle watching  them. Reading is my jam. I think, this probably down to the fact that books are only as scary as you imagine them to be, and my imagination is a logistical smart arse who won't let them be too scary for me. Thanks, imagination.
  4. Costumes// Is there anything cooler than Halloween costumes? Perfect excuse to go all out and scare the living shit out of someone! At the moment, I'm loving some of the really creative tutorials we've been seeing on the blogs recently!
  5. Sweets// As a Physiotherapist I am a keen advocate for eating a healthy and balanced diet. As a human being however, I have a really bad sweet tooth. Halloween is like the initiation to the time of year where it's not only acceptable to eat goodies, but also tradition. 
What do you like about Halloween? 

Abi x