Saturday, 24 October 2015

5's: 5 things to do in an HOUR

We live in a busy society. It's undeniable. Everybody is rushing around, there is so much to do! When do we ever just take the time to relax? Save an hour, just for ourselves?Well, one of my favourite things about Autumn is that the clocks go back. This gives a whole extra hour. What can we do with this unprecedented (actually it happens every year so it is kinda precedented) allotment of time?

Here are a few ideas I had, in recognition of the end of Brtish Summer Time tonight! 
Taken from my Instagram. Clock; Dunelm, £12

  1. Bake// Last weeks 5's post (5 things I want to bake!) was all about things I want to bake that I haven't had time to. Pretty sure this would be a delicious use of my extra hour!
  2. Bath// An hour in the bath is probably a bit excessive (nobody likes prune fingers) but this one comes with an add-on. After a nice long bath comes the post-bath moisturisation! Do the works! Body butters? Check. Foot cream? Check. Face? Uh-huh. hands? you get the drill by know. How often do we just slap a bit of something on? Make yourself feel lovely pampered with this wee routine.
  3. Read// Yes, I am biased. I love to read and certainly don't lack opportunity. Not evryone is the same however. Maybe there's a book you bought that you've intended to read but just haven't managed ut yet. I'm sure you could make good headway in an hour!
  4. Tidy up// Tidy up? What is that strage thing? Yep. This one isn't as fun as the other suggestions. Maybe it's time you had a good tidy of something or a good sort out. It can be surprisingly therapeutic having a good ol' de-clutter. I'll admit I don't always have the time (or the motivation) to do more than a surface tidy, well it's time!
  5. Sleep// If I'm honest this is probably where my extra is going. An extra hour in bed is bliss, but it can be guilt free too! Or you can nap if that's your jam!

Sorry if you're not British and you don't play around with your clocks bi-annually. You're still allowed to do these, I'll let you. 

What else can we do in a spare hour?

Abi x