Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Book review 4 // Scaramouche by Rafael Sabitini

How is this only my fourth book review? Need to step up my game here!

This is the second Infinite variety book club read that I've taken part in, the first being Stardust by Neil Gaiman.

I've rated this book 2.4/5.
 Yep 2.4, because overall I just wasn't that impressed.  It was quite difficult for me to really get into it properly for, say, about 60 pages. I just felt that I was waiting and waiting for a while, y'know? Part of that I think was to do with the style of prose. Sabatini's sentences simply went on and on and on. Sometimes taking up whole paragraphs. I found this lengthy prose quite hard to settle into but I did persevere.

 Now, don't be quick to judge. People read for a number of reasons. My primary reason is that I enjoy reading new things. Normally if I'm not enjoying a book then I stop reading. It ain't rocket science. In this case I decided to keep reading on.
Thankfully, as the book went on, I enjoyed it more and more, which I'm glad about. I really was tempted to leave it after the first 50 pages or so. 

The book redeemed itself with its lovely characters, however. Andre-Louis is charming and captivating. He makes a bold proclamation against one of society's most privileged, in the name of friendly honour. 
Naturally this backfires and its there that we follow this character as he attempts to avoid his own retribution. 

Aline, is probably my favourite character. In the time period the book is set, (approximately the French Revolution) it takes serious  guts to take control of your own marriage prospects and then potentially messing up those prospects. I found her to be both refreshing and innovative within the confines of the story.

Although it's a book I've wanted to read in the past, I chose to do so in conjunction with October's Infinite Variety Bookclub. I think, this more than anything made me read on. It's nice to think that I've benefitted from taking part of this month's read. 

Overall, I've really enjoyed having this to read on my commute (train portion). I would recommend Scaramouche to someone else, but more as a curiosity and less for the simple pleasure of reading.

Have you read Scaramouche? What did you think? 

Abi x