Friday, 9 October 2015

Head's up!

Hi, everyone! This is just a little post giving you a heads up. This week I've started a new job. I'm finally(!) working full time as a Physiotherapist. This is my first role since I qualified and I have a lot to learn and a lot of responsibility to adjust to  very quickly.
This is a bird. It's here because I like this picture. That is all.
When I started my blog I was out of work and had plenty of time to do it. I've never blogged and had something else going on, until today. 
I have been a very busy bee this past week and scheduled a few posts and wrote a few drafts up. It's when these have run out that I'm going to probably slow down on posting. I mean, I don't know how well I'll adapt. I might be posting fine, I might not. 

No one knows.

So, once the scheduled posts are all out, there will probably be a change to my scheduling.
I am aiming to put out one 5's post and one other a week. 
Down to two a week from my normal 3+. 

I'm hoping this will be manageable for me, but we'll just have to wait and see.

So, that's my little "heads up". Any tips for me on managing full-time work and blogging?
Abi x