Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Life update 3// the list

It's been a while since I last did a life update (that's a lie, it wasn't that long ago, it just FEELS it). Since my last one, quite a lots been happening. I've started a new job, attended a record breaking Grand Final, broke my phone (yep, really) and reached my 3 year anniversary with Lewis (erm, how?). So a fair bit to cram into just TWO weeks! I'm knackered just recalling it....therefore I'm going to kinda give a summary of my thoughts on each for you. Hopefully won't be too overwhelming that way!  Plus I like lists, you may or may not have noticed yet...

1) the Grand Final// ohmydayys. What a game. What a day. What a bloody good win!!! 
Yep Leeds won and I am verrrry happy about it. We met up with Lewis' Dad and sister and it turned out to be a pretty fun day. We even got back from the stadium in about an hour and a half, not too bad at all.

2)I broke my phone// Its been going for aaaggges but it's officially gone (RIP). Nothing even exciting happened, I simply dropped it on the way out from work and it totally destroyed the screen. There are CHUNKS missing. Time to move on I guess...
3) 3 year anniversary// yeah, yeah, yeah so what I hear you say? I'll admit I find it irritating too when smarmy couples rub their relationship status in everyone's face. Yet, I'm pretty happy about this one. For us, it's a truly significant amount of time. I just 21 (well not THAT long ago), so 3 years is one SEVENTH of my life. Okay not that much really, in the grand scheme of things. The point is I'm happy we've made it this far. Thankfully we now live together, in a house that is contracted for another year so reaching shouldn't be too hard. Can't, like, break the contract ya'know?
4) Starting a new job// Ha fooled you! You expected a little summary about the new job here didn't you? Didn't you? eh? Ah, forget it. 
Originally I started the summary of my new job but it took on a life of its own! So it's going to be in a separate post coming soon!

Keep your eyes peeled for my little updates 3.5 :)

What's happening with you guys?

Abi x