Thursday, 22 October 2015

Life update 3.5// the job

This is the post we've allll been waiting for. Well, maybe just me... I wrote a list of a few about a few of the things that have been going on lately and when I started talking about my new job it got a bit out of hand. 
It's getting its own little post rather than messing the flow of my previous post (can't fight the flow...yo).
Waves breaking over Filey rock. Not sure which bit represents me,
but y'know its alll poetic and shit.

The New Job// This is the biggie. So far it's been great, if a little daunting. I started off with a nice sized caseload that increased slowly then suddenly jumped right up. Yep. 
I'm getting the hang of things as quick as I can but that's not always good enough. I'm starting to hate being the "new" Band 5 because it beginning to feel like an excuse for when I can't quite get things right. Which happens a fair bit, the NHS is a big place y'know?
 Or for the innumerable times I just don't know something purely because no ones told me. Again happens quite a lot and it is Very Frustrating, with capital letters intended.

I still have a fair bit of computer training left to do, but thankfully one of my colleagues gave me an informal heads up, except I'm still super slow and bumbly. Better than nowt though.
I'm in a pretty large team, and while I haven't met everyone yet, they're all really friendly. No one seems to complain about my many silly questions.

We have a third year student in our team at the moment and wow, that makes me feel old! I was literally in her place just last year, now I'm fully qualified and independent. A lot changes in 12 months.
I still don't have a uniform and I'm continuing to wear my student uniform for the foreseeable future...grrrr. I feel like I've worked hard to qualify fully and yet I get the "are you a student?" every third person.

  On the plus side, I've been cycling to and from the station every day and I'm starting to gradually get a bit faster and hopefully a little fitter. It's freaking freezing in the morning, yet overall it's a pretty nice journey. In the morning, I usually see a few rabbits and squirrels. Admittedly, there have been a few close calls but the vet hospital is right  near the path should owt ever happen!
In the evening, I get a lovely view of the sunset over the marshes(woo!). Then once I'm at the station I get to chill on the train for half an hour.
This is me at the station; no make up and helmet hair to boot. Pretty sexy, eh??

I am enjoying the actual work thankfully. I've already met and treated some amazing people. I really think people are so varied and I love hearing the stories they have to share. I absolutely adore my patients, and I really am trying to get to grip with things ASAP so I can give the best care I can. 

So lots of ups and downs. Mostly downs here