Monday, 26 October 2015

Pumpkin carving fun!

So as we are in the lead up to Halloween (woo!), Lewis and I decided to spend are afternoon doing a wee bit of pumpkin carving!
My pumpkin carving

I'll confess it's something I've never done before, but Lewis had, so I bowed to his wisdom throughout. 
 We picked up a couple of decent sized pumpkins for £2 each and had an afternoon of fun.
At first I did try drawing out my design on paper, except I couldn't decide what I wanted!! So I ended up winging it with a more traditional looking jack o lantern.
Lewis's pumpkin carving
Now, having not carved pumpkins before I was quite unprepared for how messy it would be. I can imagine if I was a few years younger I'd have adored making such a mess (okay maybe I enjoyed it a little more than I'm suggesting...). 
Another bonus is if you're a bit more thoughtful than I was you could save and reuse some of the innards. Roasted pumpkin seeds anyone?
Now, for some pictures....
The "before" picture..

In conclusion, it was loads of fun letting my creative side just play around. 
We are already planning on making some more before next Saturday!! 

Whose pumpkin looks better? Mine or Lewis's??? ;)

Mine is on the right with pointy teeth, Lewis's the left
Abi x