Saturday, 28 November 2015

5s: 5 songs that sum up my life

In case you missed my birthday post a few months ago, I've got 21years stashed under my belt. Figuratively, of course, I'm wearing pjs and have no need for a belt right now and....back to the post. Sorry. 
What I was saying, was that I've been alive for some time now. In those magnificently varied 21 years I have listened to a lot of music. A heck of a lot. 
This weeks 5s post is alllll about songs that sum my life up. 

1) Stop! By The Spice Girls// yep I was a huuuuge Spice Girls fan back in my twee little days. I'll always remember moving back into my Dads house when I was about 6-7. We tried to the gas fire on and found one of the CDs that my little brother had seen fit to stuff up there.... This is one of the first songs I really remember and I love it to this very day.
2) The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance// This is it. The song. The one. The only. The song that started my emo phase. All black clothes, skinny jeans and bad eyeliner. Tbh, it's sounds likeme now... I still carry a soft spot for Kerrang and I love introducing my lil sis to all the best songs now that her emo phase has begun...
3) Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd// This song features on the Pulse album, which was the only album my Dad played in his car for around 6 years. I started off only liking the odd song to liking most of them. I'm not sure if I actually do or if I'm just very well conditioned. We may never know. It started off my love for classic rock that I still have to this day.
4) Bankrobber by The Clash// I never really knew The Clash before I met Lewis.  Now I really enjoy a lot of their songs. This particular song never fails to remind me of when we got our tattoos. Lewis' has a slight Clash reference and the artist played this song during the session.
5) Jukebox Hero by Foreigner// The final song. This brings back memories of summer holidays with mix-CDs. My, then 4 years old, sister liked this song and became a mini dictator. She refused to allow any other song to be played. Evil. At the time, it grew annoying verrrry quickly but now I have only fond feelings for the song.

What songs have stayed with you through the years?? 
Abi x