Saturday, 19 December 2015

5's: 5 CHRISTMAS traditions!!

For those of you celebrate Christmas, we can officially jump for joy because it is FINALLY here!! Yep in just 6 days! 
Christmas is full of traditions that differ both nationally and personally. 
I decided that in this weeks 5's post I'd tell you guys a few of my own personal traditions. 
1) Mince pies// My Mum is a coeliac, and lives on a gluten free diet. When I was younger, on Christmas Eve we'd make a big batch of mince pies with her gluten free flour. I'd never ever have a mince pie until Christmas Eve because I'd be saving myself for my Mums!!
2) Stockings// later on Christmas Eve we have our own little ceremony were myself and my younger siblings lay out the stockings, Rudolphs carrot and a mince pie for Santa. I'm 21 and I still love doing this!
3) Cards// First thing Christmas morning my family and I allll exchange cards. It's just how we start our Christmas Day off and I wouldn't change it for the world.
4) Watching a film// I don't think this is restricted to just my family. Last thing on Christmas Day, when everyone's gone home and you're sat nursing a good food baby... We curl up and a watch a film. My  Mum always makes sure at least one Of us gets a DVD so that there's no theory...
5) Visiting my Dad// with my parents being separated, a huge part of my Chrostmas is spending Boxing Day with my Dad. Him and my brother have our own mini Christmas and exchange gifts!

What traditions do you have? If you don't celebrate Christmas, any cool plans for the 25th?

Abu X