Sunday, 13 December 2015

5s: 5 video games

"Video games" seems such an antiquated term, or as my mum would say "antwakky". Yes, that's a real word. In Liverpool at least... 
Anyways it's not been long since I invested in a PS4, an upgrade from our PS3, and although our game collection is slowly building, there are a few that I'm pining for.
Enough, that it'd make a 5's a post. 
Hmm.. What a coincidence... ;)
Definitely room for more games...

1) Star Wars Battlefront 3// probably my favourite game series of all time. I am literally soooo excited for the new instalment! I can't wait to see if it lives up to the long awaited hype or....not...? 
2) Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3// Black ops 2 was THE game for me, I'd played bits of COD before and enjoyed it. But black ops was the game that really hooked me. Consequently, I cannot wait to see if it's as good as its predecessors...
3) Guitar Hero // I don't know how I've not rushed and bought this yet. Clearly my killer self control (and lack of money..) I've played Guitar Hero on and off for years. It's a perfect time for a revival. Also, they've created a new style of guitar controller that I'm really looking forward to trying out!
4) Fallout 4// This is a game series I've not played before, and after watching a trailer for it, it's finally starting to pique my interest. Have a nosey...

5) Just Cause 3// Again, not a series I've played before. Lewis described it as a rough cross between Grand Theft Auto (which I don't play) and Call Of Duty (which I do). It got me thinking. Whilst it's not at the top of my list, it is a game I'd like to try out in the nearish future.

It's not long until Christmas, who knows what will appear in my stocking this year? 
Any games you would recommend?
Abi x