Sunday, 13 December 2015

Life update 4// Pre-Christmas catch up

Heyyy! It's been a fair while since I did a little Life update. A lot longer than I'd realised to be honest. On the plus side, I hadn't noticed because I've been really busy lately. On the downside, I don't feel I've spent much time blogging lately and I'll admit that that's a shame.

Things are ticking along nicely in work. I'm finally starting to feel settled in now, slowly getting to know more and more people outside of my immediate team. The Christmas party helped last week helped tons with this, although any names I was told that night are looong gone. I really need to start writing more reflections of my experiences as a Physiotherpaist. One of the responsibilities of this career is showing that you are able to continue developing as a professional. Reflections are a form of evidence of this. I've barely written any, even though I'm learning so much lately. Again, this is because I've just been swamped with work. People seem to be dropping left, right and center!

I've been pretty darn full on the weekends too. Lots of nice shopping days getting all set up for Christmas (finally done now, I think...), long marsh walks out and, probably most exciting of all.....tidying up. Yep, I'm one cool cat...

Time is passing by so quickly at the moment. I'll admit it gets to me a wee bit. There really seems so much to do right now. I'm struggling to balance seeing my family, my friends and workin full time. It's getting there but I'm definitely a work in progress. It upsets me more when I'm not able to spend as much time blogging as I'd like, but it something I'm starting to accept. I acknowledged it in this post that I might struggle to post a frequently but it's really starting to hit home now.

There we have it, a very rambley post.. Don't worry though, I love this wee blog of mine so I really will keep making the effort to post. Simply acknowledging that it's more difficult than I'd expected has helped boost my confidence and motivate to step up my game.

Any advice for me guys?? 
Abi x