Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Infinite Variety 2016: 187- Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh

Well this is the first book I've chosen( randomly) to read. Unfortunately I found it awful. 

At first it kind of reminded me of A Clockwork Orange, which you have to almost "translate" as you go through. But as I progressed further in the book and understood it more, I just wasn't impressed. So I stopped reading it and I feel plenty happier for it! 
I'm assured by Lewis that the film is much better, so I'm planning to watch it soon and see if I enjoy it more. For now though, the book I receiving a 0/5 rating. Fingers crossed the next one is better!! 

Abi X

Infinite variety 2016: The Secret History

I actually really enjoyed this one. It's one of the books on the list that I hadn't previously heard of or read. 
We follow Richard as he joins a very select course at college that proves to be deadly... 

I'm giving it a 4.5/5. The reason it doesn't quite get the full 5, is that on occasion the author seemed to purposefully avoid describing things. Using phrases like "I couldn't possibly describe..". Even though in some parts the descriptions were very good, I just felt that it was a bit of a kop out that happened a few times.

There we have it! Still a very good read but see what you think...
Abi x

Friday, 15 January 2016

Infinite Variety 2016: No.141 & 158

Two books in this little recap! 
The first: All Quiet On The Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque. 
This definitely gets a 5/5 for me. It was extremely well written and clearly translated effectively as the poignancy was carried across amazingly. Part of me wishes I was fluent in German so that I could compare it to the original.

The second: Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.
This was a little tiddley book that is more of a short story than a novel. It had an interesting background based on the thriving ivory trade of old but I found it pretty unremarkable to be honest: 2/5.
What are your thoughts? 
Abi X

Sunday, 10 January 2016

5's: 5 things I can't live without!!

Hellllo! It's another week into 2016, and here's another 5's post! 
This weeks entry is about a few www things I can't live without!
1) Books// ...unsurprisingly... This definitely deserves first spot on this list. If you haven't noticed by now that I love to read...Then I guess you know now? Slightly anti-climatic sentence then..
2) Clinique dramatically different moisturiser// way back when, when I worked in retail I managed to nab a few samples of this and fell in complete blogger love with it. Sadly they all got used up and this made it onto my Christmas list this year! I was very fortunate to receive a bottle and I can rest easy again. I just find it really calming for my skin(combination skin, sigh) and generally a great product for my repertoire.
3) Avon ideal flawless mousse foundation// this was a surprising find. I borrowed my Mums about a year ago when staying over and was really impressed. I use it nearly every day and find it really easy to use in my makeup routine. 
4) tea// I also enjoy coffee but it's tea that I can't live without. I can attest that the NHS is pretty much fuelled on caffeine and I'm no exception. Pre-tea Abi= zombie...
5) Fitbit// I've not had many for very long but wow, I am addicted! I picked it up in the post-Christmas shopping period and already it feels strange when I don't wear it. Lewis also has one and we've turned it onto a cracking challenge to "out" Fitbit each other. There can be only ONE winner!!!

What 5 things would make your list at the moment? Any other Fitbit users out there? 
Abi x
P.s. None of the items mentioned are endorsed, these are simply my experiences and opinions.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

2016: Book Challenge

I was doing some scouting around the other day, when I came across an intriguing post by Xleptodactylous.
It depicts a call to arms based on a new reading challenge she had started. 

The challenge, simply put, is to read through the 200 books in the BBC top 200 within the boundary of 2016. The list was chosen by a public poll in 2003. 

Naturally, I wanted in. I love a good challenge and after having a nosy through the list, I couldn't resist!
I'm going to follow roughly the same rules. In thatbooks I have already read, I may not read again (unless I want to!) but they will get mentioned at the appropriate time. 

Specific to my challenge, I'm not doing it numerically but randomly. The only time I will redraw is if a number has already been drawn or for the first book( I want it to be something I haven't read yet!).

I'm going to carry on reading other books in between, and will be carrying on with the Infinite Variety Book Club but I'll admit I'm excited to have a challenge! 

Hat books do you want to red this year? 
Abi x

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Christmas blog treats

I must admit I love seeing what everyone else has got for Christmas. You can call it being nosy, but it just seems another way of spreading Christmas cheer. 
In this post I wanted to have a wee how off what I got for Christmas. Or more specifically, what I got from my #TLSXmas swap! 

I got paired with the jazzy Yasmina from The July Journal. It took little sleuthing to determine that we both adore Lush and we agreed on a Lush based swap for our pressies. 

Hands down, Yasmina definitely put more effort into her gift. Look at it, it's adorable! 
I was super excited at my wee gifts and I hope she likes hers. 
This is my first Christmas as a blogger. It's been amazing to see how generous the blogging community can be, and definitely lots of fun!
I cannot wait for Christmas 2016 to roll round so I can get stuck in again. Gonna have to up my game!
Happy holidays, 
Abi x
P.s. Check Yasmina out on: