Wednesday, 6 January 2016

2016: Book Challenge

I was doing some scouting around the other day, when I came across an intriguing post by Xleptodactylous.
It depicts a call to arms based on a new reading challenge she had started. 

The challenge, simply put, is to read through the 200 books in the BBC top 200 within the boundary of 2016. The list was chosen by a public poll in 2003. 

Naturally, I wanted in. I love a good challenge and after having a nosy through the list, I couldn't resist!
I'm going to follow roughly the same rules. In thatbooks I have already read, I may not read again (unless I want to!) but they will get mentioned at the appropriate time. 

Specific to my challenge, I'm not doing it numerically but randomly. The only time I will redraw is if a number has already been drawn or for the first book( I want it to be something I haven't read yet!).

I'm going to carry on reading other books in between, and will be carrying on with the Infinite Variety Book Club but I'll admit I'm excited to have a challenge! 

Hat books do you want to red this year? 
Abi x