Sunday, 10 January 2016

5's: 5 things I can't live without!!

Hellllo! It's another week into 2016, and here's another 5's post! 
This weeks entry is about a few www things I can't live without!
1) Books// ...unsurprisingly... This definitely deserves first spot on this list. If you haven't noticed by now that I love to read...Then I guess you know now? Slightly anti-climatic sentence then..
2) Clinique dramatically different moisturiser// way back when, when I worked in retail I managed to nab a few samples of this and fell in complete blogger love with it. Sadly they all got used up and this made it onto my Christmas list this year! I was very fortunate to receive a bottle and I can rest easy again. I just find it really calming for my skin(combination skin, sigh) and generally a great product for my repertoire.
3) Avon ideal flawless mousse foundation// this was a surprising find. I borrowed my Mums about a year ago when staying over and was really impressed. I use it nearly every day and find it really easy to use in my makeup routine. 
4) tea// I also enjoy coffee but it's tea that I can't live without. I can attest that the NHS is pretty much fuelled on caffeine and I'm no exception. Pre-tea Abi= zombie...
5) Fitbit// I've not had many for very long but wow, I am addicted! I picked it up in the post-Christmas shopping period and already it feels strange when I don't wear it. Lewis also has one and we've turned it onto a cracking challenge to "out" Fitbit each other. There can be only ONE winner!!!

What 5 things would make your list at the moment? Any other Fitbit users out there? 
Abi x
P.s. None of the items mentioned are endorsed, these are simply my experiences and opinions.