Sunday, 3 January 2016

Christmas blog treats

I must admit I love seeing what everyone else has got for Christmas. You can call it being nosy, but it just seems another way of spreading Christmas cheer. 
In this post I wanted to have a wee how off what I got for Christmas. Or more specifically, what I got from my #TLSXmas swap! 

I got paired with the jazzy Yasmina from The July Journal. It took little sleuthing to determine that we both adore Lush and we agreed on a Lush based swap for our pressies. 

Hands down, Yasmina definitely put more effort into her gift. Look at it, it's adorable! 
I was super excited at my wee gifts and I hope she likes hers. 
This is my first Christmas as a blogger. It's been amazing to see how generous the blogging community can be, and definitely lots of fun!
I cannot wait for Christmas 2016 to roll round so I can get stuck in again. Gonna have to up my game!
Happy holidays, 
Abi x
P.s. Check Yasmina out on: