Monday, 22 February 2016

Let there be meat//Saturday night fun!

Sooo...this post is all about a recent Saturday night out I had. It wasn't just any Saturday night, though. It was exactly one day before Valentines day and two days before Lewis' birthday, so it had to be extra special! We deliberated for some time but eventually decided we would go out for a meal in nearby Liverpool, with some supporting drinks.

The venue of choice was Red's Barbecue, located on Hanover Street in the city centre. All I will say is Wow. This isn't a sponsored post by a long shot but I am definitely recommending them. The atmosphere was really fun, and they played plenty of good songs in the background (highlights being The Jam and The Clash).
 I went for the Juicy Lucifer burger, which I was warned by the waiter would be spicy. It was but for someone who enjoys spicy food like myself was incredibly tasty. It had two "patties", jalapenos (jalas...), molten three cheese sauce in the middle, dirty sauce, bacon and a side of fries. Absolute heaven for someone like me who loves strong flavours. The only problem I had was that due to the extra sauce, my "plate" aka sheet became soaked and kept ripping...
The Juicy Lucifer, fries and Swine Fries
Lewis went for one of  Red's well renowned Donut Burgers, graciously allowing me to have a nibble...I'll admit it was a very strange combination. Having actual donuts with burgers and all the extra toppings really shouldn't have worked, yet did. 
To top it off we ordered a side of Swine Fries as a shared side. Fries and sweet potatoe loaded with just about everything you canb think of: pulled pork, cheese, sour cream, jalas...and more! Unfortunately we could barely eat half of them between two, we were that full from the burgers! They can also be had as a starter, which we'll provbably do next time. Sadly we didn't even have room for dessert. Which I'm a bit gutted about, 

 Rookie effort...

Want to find out more about this scrummy food provider? Head to
Abi x
P.s. although the restaurants tag line is "let there be meat", they do offer vegetarian options which also sound freaking amazing...

Saturday, 20 February 2016

All quiet on the "blog"stern front..

My apologies if that title made no sense to you, but amused me greatly. 
Bad puns tend to. Also good puns tend to. I'm very easily amused. And distracted.
I think I'm letting my mind wander to avoid what I want to talk about. 
No more.
This is a bit of a strange post for me, it's one I've wanted to write for a few days but not been able to find the words I wanted. 
I feel like lately I've stepped back from blogging. My posts seem to be getting more and more infrequent. It's a combination of two factors, the first being purely mechanical. I rarely get time on my laptop these days so have been writing posts on the wee phone app. Unfortunately, that means I can't schedule posts appropriately as I used to. Also, for whatever reason, it doesn't alway upload the posts properly. Extremely frustrating! 
The second is that I'm tired. It sounds like a cop out, but I've lost enthusiasm for a lot of things. Most evenings I get in and just need to shut off(I.e. Read). To the extent that even things I enjoy, like planning pots and writing and tweaking them are simply too much for me. 
Never fear. I'm not stopping writing, or quite taking a break... I'm just acknowledging that in struggling. 
There probably won't be a fixed post upload date for a while, if you follow on bloglovin you can see when posts come up. If you don't, then pop by every now and then! 
There are few blogging things coming up that I'm really excited about, which will certainly spur me along. 

Any tips for me on how to manage my fatigue really? 

Abi X

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Infinite Variety 2016: Harry Potter!

Heyyyy! I'm a bit giddy writing this. I've had two cups of tea AND a bowl of chocolatey cereal.
Anyway, today's Infinite Variety post is about the Harry Potter's. Unfortunately, the list was compiled waaay back in 2003 when only the first 4 books had made it onto the list. I'm certain if the final three books had been out they'd have made it on. Anyway the first four consist of entries:

  • No.22-The Philosopher's Stone
  • No.23-The Chamber of Secrets
  • No.24-The Prisoner of Azkaban
  • No. 5-The Goblet of Fire

I like the was the fourth book came in fifth, just like an eff you to the first 3 haha.
However, I'm going to review the series as a whole. Spoiler: I've not reread them. I've reread the series many a time over the years.
It's a series that I adore and probably always will. It's followed me through my youth and continues to be a comfortable favourite. There's just something reassuring about dipping into a world you know so well. Like wrapping your mind up in an old blanket.

So, I'm going to give the series a 5/5 for all its lovely memories. I think if I were to reread them they'd get a slightly lower rating. But darn it, I don't want to lose the magic of my childhood.I refuse to accept my adulthood...

How would you rate good old HP??
 Abi x

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Infinite Variety 2016: 77 & 12

No 77: The Woman In White by Wilkie Collins. I actually really enjoyed this. It was a bit longwinded and admittedly I had a little break from it partway. I'd read again however, especially now that I know the secret to the mystery. I find it really interesting to read mysteries back again, it changes the book so much! 4/5

No 12: Wuthrting Heights by Emily Bronte. I read this years ago and really didn't like it. I just didn't get the fuss. It's another 0/5, sadly. Sorry Bronte fans.
On the plus side, I am a humungous KB fan and adore this song. If you don't know what I'm talking about then please leave at the next exit. Fun fact, Kate Bush The Whole Story is the only album I have on my phone. Yep.

Do you like Kate Bush?

Abi x

OOTD: Cinema Date Night

Here's a wee OOTD or Outfit of the day as they're otherwise known as. I'm not sure if I've done an ootd post before but what the heck.
Last weekend I went on a really cute night to the cinema with Lewis. We went to see the new Tarentino film "The Hateful 8". I really enjoyed it (blood and gore, always a win) but admittedly it was a bit drawn out. There were times I was just like, c'mon already! So it's getting a 4.5/5 from me.

On the other hand, my outfit is getting a solid 5/5. Can I rate myself? Hell yeah! I felt really confident and relaxed in what I was wearing so it totally deserves a 5.

Coat:Warehouse. Jumper:H&M. Jeans:New Look. Boots:Skechers. Bag: New Look.

Also, enjoy the train station park. So classy for a photo op..
Abi x