Saturday, 20 February 2016

All quiet on the "blog"stern front..

My apologies if that title made no sense to you, but amused me greatly. 
Bad puns tend to. Also good puns tend to. I'm very easily amused. And distracted.
I think I'm letting my mind wander to avoid what I want to talk about. 
No more.
This is a bit of a strange post for me, it's one I've wanted to write for a few days but not been able to find the words I wanted. 
I feel like lately I've stepped back from blogging. My posts seem to be getting more and more infrequent. It's a combination of two factors, the first being purely mechanical. I rarely get time on my laptop these days so have been writing posts on the wee phone app. Unfortunately, that means I can't schedule posts appropriately as I used to. Also, for whatever reason, it doesn't alway upload the posts properly. Extremely frustrating! 
The second is that I'm tired. It sounds like a cop out, but I've lost enthusiasm for a lot of things. Most evenings I get in and just need to shut off(I.e. Read). To the extent that even things I enjoy, like planning pots and writing and tweaking them are simply too much for me. 
Never fear. I'm not stopping writing, or quite taking a break... I'm just acknowledging that in struggling. 
There probably won't be a fixed post upload date for a while, if you follow on bloglovin you can see when posts come up. If you don't, then pop by every now and then! 
There are few blogging things coming up that I'm really excited about, which will certainly spur me along. 

Any tips for me on how to manage my fatigue really? 

Abi X