Saturday, 6 February 2016

Infinite Variety 2016: Harry Potter!

Heyyyy! I'm a bit giddy writing this. I've had two cups of tea AND a bowl of chocolatey cereal.
Anyway, today's Infinite Variety post is about the Harry Potter's. Unfortunately, the list was compiled waaay back in 2003 when only the first 4 books had made it onto the list. I'm certain if the final three books had been out they'd have made it on. Anyway the first four consist of entries:

  • No.22-The Philosopher's Stone
  • No.23-The Chamber of Secrets
  • No.24-The Prisoner of Azkaban
  • No. 5-The Goblet of Fire

I like the was the fourth book came in fifth, just like an eff you to the first 3 haha.
However, I'm going to review the series as a whole. Spoiler: I've not reread them. I've reread the series many a time over the years.
It's a series that I adore and probably always will. It's followed me through my youth and continues to be a comfortable favourite. There's just something reassuring about dipping into a world you know so well. Like wrapping your mind up in an old blanket.

So, I'm going to give the series a 5/5 for all its lovely memories. I think if I were to reread them they'd get a slightly lower rating. But darn it, I don't want to lose the magic of my childhood.I refuse to accept my adulthood...

How would you rate good old HP??
 Abi x