Monday, 22 February 2016

Let there be meat//Saturday night fun!

Sooo...this post is all about a recent Saturday night out I had. It wasn't just any Saturday night, though. It was exactly one day before Valentines day and two days before Lewis' birthday, so it had to be extra special! We deliberated for some time but eventually decided we would go out for a meal in nearby Liverpool, with some supporting drinks.

The venue of choice was Red's Barbecue, located on Hanover Street in the city centre. All I will say is Wow. This isn't a sponsored post by a long shot but I am definitely recommending them. The atmosphere was really fun, and they played plenty of good songs in the background (highlights being The Jam and The Clash).
 I went for the Juicy Lucifer burger, which I was warned by the waiter would be spicy. It was but for someone who enjoys spicy food like myself was incredibly tasty. It had two "patties", jalapenos (jalas...), molten three cheese sauce in the middle, dirty sauce, bacon and a side of fries. Absolute heaven for someone like me who loves strong flavours. The only problem I had was that due to the extra sauce, my "plate" aka sheet became soaked and kept ripping...
The Juicy Lucifer, fries and Swine Fries
Lewis went for one of  Red's well renowned Donut Burgers, graciously allowing me to have a nibble...I'll admit it was a very strange combination. Having actual donuts with burgers and all the extra toppings really shouldn't have worked, yet did. 
To top it off we ordered a side of Swine Fries as a shared side. Fries and sweet potatoe loaded with just about everything you canb think of: pulled pork, cheese, sour cream, jalas...and more! Unfortunately we could barely eat half of them between two, we were that full from the burgers! They can also be had as a starter, which we'll provbably do next time. Sadly we didn't even have room for dessert. Which I'm a bit gutted about, 

 Rookie effort...

Want to find out more about this scrummy food provider? Head to
Abi x
P.s. although the restaurants tag line is "let there be meat", they do offer vegetarian options which also sound freaking amazing...