Saturday, 19 March 2016

Life update 5: The times, they are, a'changin

Excuse my attempt to capture a song in my title... but I'ma singing it right now!
It's been a wee while since we had a nice rambly life post, as opposed to a rambley other post...
I guess you could say that on the surface, not a lot has changed, but when you delve deeper some big stuff is happening.

  • For example, I've been working as a full time Physiotherapist for 6 months now. 6 BLOODY MONTHS! Where the heck have they gone? In fact, our new rotations have just been announced in work. Starting in May, I'll be off the wards and in the Outpatients Department. Which is pretty cool, but also mega scary. I lately felt really settled in my current role, I've even had students to observe and help educate. Again, a cool experience but also scary. SO many things are scary. I'm mostly nervous about how much knowledge I'm going to need for Outpatients, that I've not really needed at the moment, or only little bits. Thankfully, I'll be really well supported so that helps some! However, I will definitely have to get my head int he books to have a good old refresh...
  • On Lewis' side, he's due to start his rotations in the University Veterinary hospital. I'm dead, dead excited for him and can't wait to hear all about his experiences. Yet I'm a little apprehensive of the effect it'll have on our relationship. We've had times when we've both worked full time hours before, but they've usually only occurred for short periods, say a week or two. This will be much more long term, basically a trial run for real life. We're going have to make sure we make the most of our free time and weekends also!
  • I've been in a bit of a blog rut lately, as mentioned previously in this post. Why, am I talking about it here then? Because, I think it's starting to lift a bit. It's helped that I've had a few quiet days at home, in the past I'd have been all over those writing and planning posts left, right and centre. Instead I gave myself the first couple of days to chill, by the third I was just like, I need something to do.. so I started writing! I basically just took the pressure to write away, let it mull about a bit, then I found that I was ready to go again. 

So, just some per.. haha.
If you like these kind of posts, give me a heads up. Its actually quite therapeutic to rite, and I'm allll bout da therapy.
Abi x