Monday, 28 March 2016

My makeup revolution

As someone who has been reading blogs for a while, it's interesting to see how makeup trends change. From year to year, season to season. People try all sorts of exciting designs and ideas. One thing that stands out to me is not that they necessarily have a humongous make up collection, but rather a solid collection of key pieces and occasional extra buys.
Sadly, reading blog posts has highlighted to me that I really don't have a strong makeup setup. I don't use tons of makeup, very little on a day to day basis. It's something I enjoy greatly though  and want to start upping my game a wee bit. I used all the tips that had kind of gathered in my subconscious and realised I was the one holding myself back. In fact, I was very guilty of a number of make up no-no's. 
1) buying makeup that doesn't suit me
2) keeping out of date products
3) holding onto products "just in case" I might use them
4) not washing my brushes... Err yeah...
Basically, I needed a big change up.

I ended up having a ginormous sort out of all the makeup I owned. Yep all of it. I was absolutely ruthless and I actually threw out a couple of bags worth of products. Anything that I didn't use went, any products that I had since before uni (so at least 4 years old) went. I tried a few products that I'd amassed but never used and sifted through those.
I was left with a bare but good collection of items that I actually use regularly and suit me. I even sorted all those old brushes that I didn't use or ones that were incredibly grim and therefore were unlikely to use again...

Now here comes the exciting part.
I don't condone having a sort out and then immediately splashing out on new stuff, not usually. But that's exactly what I did. The difference is, is that I knew exactly what I was after:
1) a good nude eyeshadow pallet
2) a lightweight foundation
3) a subtle lipstick

I did a fair bit of market research, aka a good nosy online for ages and came out with a few potentials. A nice long trip into Boots to try out in person and low and behold I got what I was after. I even got a few extra treats as I shopped before Mothers day and got a few freebie extras.
Ta dah!

Its not a lot, but combined with what was left over from my sort out I've now got a makeup collection I'm very happy with!
Any tips on what I should add to the collection next?
Abi x