Friday, 4 March 2016

You're invited!!***

To my house! Well....actually not...oops!
What you are invited to is this post, about  invitations!
I was recently asked by Paperless Post to talk about what birthday I was looking forward to next, and how I would spend it!
Now, if you've followed this blog from the start, you'll know that I turned 21 this year. In the UK that's a pretty big birthday, an you can see how I celebrated it here.
In terms of big birthdays, it'll be a while before I'll reach one( I.e. 30). 
So instead, I thought about what age am I looking forward to and I decided that I cannot wait to be...25!

There is a thought process behind this, I promise. I want to be 25 for a number of reasons. I'll have been practicing for a few years, hopefully being more confident in my self and my skills, maybe even be looking for the next step up the career ladder.
I'll have been living away from home for 7 years, 4 years post-uni. 
I'll have been with Lewis a huge 7 years. Celebrating his finishing uni an trying practice as a vet. We may have move house again, we may even have a kid.
I feel that I've made tremendous steps in developing my character, my personality and my hobbies this year, imagine what I'll be like in another 4? (Super badass, I hope).
I'll be halfway to 30, a perfect stop point for reflection an planning. 
Also, think of how many books I could read in 4 years... Does that many even exist?
It's exciting for me to think about my future at this point in time. The uncertainty, the scariness, all a challenge to be faced.
So when I do reach 25, I will bloody want to celebrate the fact! 
I wouldn't want a big party, never really been my thing (my mum loves it though).  
I think I love to invite a group of close friends out for a posh afternoon tea( I'll be posh enough by 25) with a theme, Formal invitations and everything!
The twist being that it has to be book themed! I can literally think of Nowt better: friends, cake and books. 
Maybe afterwards we could go for cocktails, having eaten tons of cake to soak up the alcohol... 
Maybe I could do this for 22... I don't really want to wait now! One thing is certain, I'll definitely be looking to Paperless Post for resources, they have a really varied collection of cards and invitations on their website. They seem reasonably priced, although I don't know how that would stand when ordering outside the US. 
Clearly I need more firm plans for my big birthday,  any suggestions for me? 
Abi x
P.s head to for more ideas!
P.p.s this post was written whilst working with paperless post!