Saturday, 2 April 2016

5 things right now

So this is like a wee lifestyle post whilst also incorporating my old theme of 5s. Ngl who doesn't love list? 
1) Food// I've had loads great food lately and I'm bloody glad about it! From a nice lunch out in Chester to a celebratory meal at an Indian...I'm loving the food right now!
2)April// mate, where the heck did March go? I feel like I've blinked and missed it. On the plus side, April is a great month. For me it's the sign that Summer is not only coming but is practically here! 
3) Reading// As you know, I'm taking part in the Infinite Variety 2016 reading challenge this yet. To be frank, I'm really enjoying it and feel like I'm plowing through the list well. I'm not solely reading challenge books, but mixing them in nicely with others. I just new to remember to keep updating the reviews!
4)Family// the nice thing about all those bank holidays was it gave me the chance to catch up with the fam! My brother was back from uni, so we naturally had a catch up. I don't know if other people are like me, but I find it hard trying to organise time to see people, especially as I have quite a large family. There never seem to be enough time at the weekend.
This was literally the best pic I got, neither of us could stop sniggering long enough to take a decent pic... #bloggerprobs
5) Work// lately it feels like I've barely been in work properly, after a good week off at Easter. It feels great to be getting totally into the swing of things again. I do love my job, and being on the wards but it is undeniably stressful. At the moment I feel on top things, an I'm relishing that feeling through and through.

There we go! Just a tiddley little update.
How are all Yog doing? 
Abi x