Tuesday, 26 April 2016

5 thoughts when your ill

So this post is inspired by the fact I feel like utter death right now. No lie, I'm gunky, achey and snotty. Lovely. 
I figured I'd share my lovely illness with all you lot (figuratively not literally) with 5 thoughts you have when your ill.
1) The I'm not really that bad stage// when your borderline trying work out if your actually all that bad. Then it gets worse and your fears are confirmed.
2) The blasphemous phase// I don't care whether you think gods and goddesses exist. I blame each and every one equally  for making me feel shit. Also, if you're not praying hypocritically to them all to take the snot way, then you're doing it wrong.
3) The hunt for drugs// if you're like me you probably keep a few odds and ends like paracetamol and ibuprofen around. Yet, when cold and flu strikes are they anywhere to be found. No. You have o weigh up the merits of relief versus an expedition outside. And no, you can't take your blanket...
4) The overdose period// You've finally found da drugs (please forgive me for that) . You've had so many different tablets you rattle. You've eaten so many throat sweets your burps are sugar flavoured. You're bathed in so much menthol, that you can't smell. Yet, you still feel like shite. 
5) The other side// At the time of writing, I haven't reached this point. I know it's coming but I don't know when. This is the first sneaking suspicion that you might, just, actually be feeling better. Normal function can finally be resumed!

I hope you enjoyed this silly post. It kinda made me feel better writing although not physically...  Any tips for someone full of cold/flu?
Abi X