Sunday, 24 April 2016

5's: 5 facts about...

...ME! Uh-huh, this wee post is a few facts about me that I felt like sharing. I love talking to people  and finding interesting tidbits about them, so it's time I repayed the favour and shared some about me!

  1. I  nearly have a black belt in judo// well, I was one stripe off my junior black belt. I stopped training when I was doing my A-levels and started up again at Uni. Unfortunately I was out of practice and picked up some nasty knocks, so never really got back into it.
  2. I'm actually pretty shy// Is there a word for feeling shy whilst you say that you're shy? If there is, that's me. It takes me a while to warm up to people properly. So I don't tend to have a large group of friends but rather a few people that I'm really close to. By the same token, if the communication isn't there on both ends then that's it for me. Why would I want to be friends with someone who I can't talk to? Well, this got deep...
  3. I'm a chocaholic//Yep, not a day goes by where I don't get the good stuff in some shape or form. Usually with my breakfast or a s a little treat at the end of the day when I'm trying to be good. But...I have a killer sweet tooth that will probably never go away.
  4. I used to be deathly scared of dogs// Now however, I've transitioned through to mild dislike, to liking dogs. All the way through to wanting my own. I want one so badly, especially after visiting with Lewis's parents who have a new puppy. All dem feels.
  5. I love trying new things// Anything, I just enjoy new experiences. At school I think I trialed every possible sport. Nowadays it comes out as wanting to try new foods and going to new places. I've lived in this house for nearly a year and i'm still exploring the local area.
What fun facts do you have about you?
Abi x