Sunday, 17 April 2016

Ramble on!

For me the title of this post works in several ways.
  1. Gotta love a bit of Led Zep..
  2. Ramble, meaning to walk, is something I enjoy greatly.
  3. I talk, like, A LOT!

Yep, I really do ramble a lot. It's something I actively struggle with. From talking to colleagues, or even patients. It comes from having an almost constant level of anxiety floating around my brain. Its hardly crazy, I think most people get nervous in certain situations, for me its talking to people.
I mean, clearly it doesn't effect me strongly, but it does produce a rather rambley effect to my conversation as I try to fill all and any gaps in the flow.
That's if I'm talking directly to someone, if I'm in a group I tend to step back word-wise and become part of the background. Fun.
But back to the rambling, there are few tricks I've picked up on that help me push past this ramble-ness somewhat:

  1. Ask a question// turn the focus to your conversation partner, focus on their answer and use it to form another question. It'll help curb the tendency to spout more ramble by allowing the other person to use the time.
  2. Speaking clearly//Not only am I a rambler, I'm also a mumbler. Speaking clearly can help keep the flow going smoothly, taking the onus of you to fill the gaps. Ergo, less ramble time.
  3. Not correcting people// Yep, you heard me. Sometimes its tempting to just slip little correction in but frankly it never comes across well. Unless the slip is going to actively negatively affect someone, just let it go and move on
  4. Be succinct and simple// When its your turn in the conversation use it wisely. If someone asks about your weekend for example, give a general overview and a couple of details. Few people want a play by play itinerary.
  5. Show an interest!// If you don't seem interested in the conversation then why are you there having it? If you want people to enjoy talking to you then you need to enjoy it too. Using things like open body language, smiles and questions(see Number 1) show your engaged in talking.
So just a few tips I've picked up that help me muddle along. They've all come from me and my own experiences. I'm feel like I'm getting the hang of things (I hope so) and actually really enjoy chatting with people like colleagues now!

Abi x
p.s. any tips that you have for me?