Sunday, 26 June 2016

How to take a #badselfie

Oh lookie here. Another post with ellipses, colloquial terminology and abundance of exclamation marks. Yep, definitely one of my posts! 
So, as rare as I do them, I think we can all safely say I have mastered taking selfies. Well, bad ones at least...
It takes real dedication to be as naff as I am. Being the considerate person I am, I thought I'd share a few of my "best" tips...
1) getting your pose on// I'm sorry but if you're not pouting unrealistically is it even classed as a selfie??? Exactly...
2) Facing correctly// once pose is decided upon,  looking  away from camera is advisable
3) Selfies with others// I find it helps if the other person doesn't know the selfie is being taken...
(Wrong way dad!)
4) Angle work// although the type of camera doesn't particularly matter, mastery of the angles will ensure you do not accidentally take an effective selfie.

5) Finally, if you're not sure your selfie is going to fulfill "bad" criteria// then why not place a handy digit over the lense! 

Enjoy taking bad selfies with these foolproof tips. Don't be ashamed! Spread the #badselfie love!
Abi x

Friday, 24 June 2016

A place of my own...

I guess this is shaping up to be a rambley time over on bluestripedsquare. I'm having a lot of trouble writing more series and structured posts lately. Instead it feels like this blog is temporarily going back to what it originally was. A quiet place for me to garble on. 
It seems I've had so much going on lately, but the urge to blog about it is at an all time low. Simultaneously in constantly thinking of new blog post ideas, yet not getting round to doing them. Go figure. 
I mean, I'm loving work at the moment, even if it is a humungous challenge. I'm taking part in book swaps (mostly with my dad, but also some good friends too). 
The weathers great (70% of the time  counts, right?).
I've had some lovely meals out, in some outfits that I'm really happy with. 
Not long went on a little weekend away to East Yorkshire.
I'm planning a day up Snowden soon too. As well as plenty of great rugby.
I guess you'll just have to hear about it all via chatty rambles...and Instagram naturally!

What have you been up to lately? 
Abi x

Friday, 17 June 2016

Life update: catch up

Hey guys! I guess it's been some while since I last posted. Since then I've started a whole new rotation aka a new area altogether. Not gonna lie, it's been a hard transition. I've been on Outpatients a month now and I'm really enjoying it. Tons more than I thought I would. I mean in still making mistakes (yep). And I still have loads to learn (I'm constantly looking things up). But I'm finally starting to settle into it. 
It helps that I'm in a really supportive team, as well. I think everyone's used o me asking questions by now.
So, although it's a bit rambley, and only wee, I thought it'd be nice to have this little catch up.

Abi X
Ps how have you all been?