Saturday, 16 July 2016

Why we all need time to ourselves

One of the reasons I first started blogging was because I had too much time. Yeah. That was actually a thing at one point. Last summer I was struggling to fill my days whilst an uncertain future hung overhead. 

I started reading blogs and fell very quickly in love with the concept. That soon develope into a desire to write my own. With a few draft post in hand I finally set up this here blog, full of my thoughts and personality.

Nowadays, finding the time to work on my blog is darn hard going. Unsurprisingly. But for me, blog time is me time. This is the place where I come and I can just be myself. I can let my rambles out safely and freely. It helps declutter my head on a (semi) regular basis.

I think it's so important to give yourself the time to just be. Whether it's running a hot bath, a killer gym sesh or sat writing a post. 
We all need that time to just reconnect with ourselves.

Abi X

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Have I the right to feel smug?

Let's be honest here. June has been a great month for me. I climbed Snowdon for the first time( you may have heard..). I achieve a health goal I've been aiming for for a long, long, long time. I've read books I've planned to for ages. I've had great days out with my partner. I finally feel more settled in work. In general in feeling great all round.
So that raises the question, do I have the right to feel smug? 
In today's society, you must alway be aiming forward. Must be striving for a goal, must have a purpose. But what happens when you actually achieve those goals? 
Well, then we downplay them. No one wants to be seen as bragging, right?
There's a fine line between being pretentious and being proud. That line frequently gets blurred. So the sense achievement is gone. 
Well, I refuse to let that happen to me. 
Life is so up and down. For me to consistently feel this confident and strong in myself, you damn right in proud. People, we need to start acknowledging when we're doing well as much as when we're not. Be proud of the effort we put in, of what we get back out in life.
Congratulate yourself on the small things, the meaningful stuff to you. The big huge goals. I'd say you've earned the right
Abi x