Friday, 12 August 2016

Weekend vibes

Well hello cheeky little weekend, you've been sorely lacking in my life lately! Well by about 5 days to be exact. 
Seriously, though, you know when you have one of those weeks that just never bloody ends? Well this week definitely qualifies. It's been so stressy and not even ha the decency to go quickly. 
 We all get weeks like that I'm sure but hopefully you all have your own little coping strategies. 
Unfortunately mine has been to eat. That sounds silly but I'm really annoyed at myself for doing it. 
I've literally been comfort eating my way through all the unhealthy things I have at home (mostly Lewis' stuff and few of my own treats). It's particularly bugging me because for a few months now I've been consistently eating better and feeling really good for it. I haven't stopped having treats etc just instead having things in moderation. Basically saving my little treats for, well, treats. If you get me. So can you understand why I'm so disappointed in myself for falling back on a useless crutch. Grrrrrrr.
This post didn't really have an aim to it. I just needed to have a gold old rant, before I got back on the horse. 
Thankfully I have plenty of nice things to look forward to over the weekend! 

What's your comfort strategy like? 
Abi X