Saturday, 3 September 2016

22 thoughts at 22

I recently hit my 22nd anniversary of living. Yep, that's my pretentious way of saying it was my birthday not long back.  I've decided I'm going to share with you lovely lot  my thoughts so far on being 22.

  1. I'm definitely past being a teenager, thank the light!
  2. People who guess you're age wrong don't seem nearly as guilty as when I'd say I was 21
  3. I'm not actually any different than I was at 21
  4. Taylor Swift has yet to appear
  5. I'll just sing it to myself.
  6. I like that it's the same number twice. Yep, silly but it amuses me.
  7. I've got, like, a whole year before my next birthday :(
  8. I'm finally the same age as people in my school/academic year!
  9. Oh wait, some of them are 23 already, never mind
  10. I'm the same age as my dearest mother was when she had me. Check out my letter I wrote here.
  11. Is it too early to have a quarter-life crisis?
  12. False alarm, I'm actually managing quite well
  13. Shameless smugness about having a great job for nearly a full year!
  14. Somehow a year has passed since I finished Uni? WHEREDIDITGOOOO.
  15. It's a been a full year of blogging!
  16. I've actually done a lot this year, it's nice to think back about it now!
  17. I mean...Snowdon? And acing the three peaks challenge the other week..
  18. Go me!
  19. Got a nice 8 year buffer before my next big birthday. 
  20. I wonder where I'll be by then?
  21. Gah! so many things to look forward to in just the next year alone
  22. I thought this would be hard to write but I'm actually struggling to narrow my list to just 22 things.
Any advice for a prospective 22 year old? 
Abi x