Tuesday, 15 November 2016

5 things: in London!!!

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may have noticed I've just spent the weekend with my fellow down in London! While originally I'd planned to film a vlog it sadly didn't pan out. Instead I've brought a classic offering of a list of 5 things that went on in the capital!

1. All the foooood- so basically we went down on the train Saturday morning (holla to virgin for a super speedy trip down) bags packed with a nifty little packed lunch. In return for being saddos we went for an absolutely top notch meal at the London Reds True Barbecue! We've been to the Liverpool one several times and I feel that london held there own. 

Not only did we have dinner out, we also treated ourselves to a cheeky brunch at Ed's diner. Again there is one up here in Liverpool but I've never  been before.  I got a lovely stack of waffles and bacon and blueberries, completed with a pepsi float( yep, for breakfast!).

2. Travelodge- it's gonna sound boring but I'm a bit of a connoisseur of cheap hotels and travelodge has remained a clear favourite. We stayed right opposite the station and you couldn't hear a peep. Nice work!

3. Rememberance day-  stay happened to coincide and we were lucky enough to view a service just outside Euston station prior to the silence.
Can I say, as eerie as it is during the two minutes silence it's doubly so in as busy a place as London?

4. Shopping- oh yeah, we came, we saw, I bought a Tshirt... And a bralet which I am mega in love whilst simultaneously having no idea when it will be worn... Lewis also treated himsel to some black Levis( goals!) and some big thick ass jumpers. 

5. Rugby- finally, the rugby (league ofc). This was the main reason we went down. While the game was disappointing it was still lovely to be back at the Olympic stadium and seeing some top flight action.

All in all, a pretty full weekend I think you'll agree!
London is a place I could explore for days and still never  get bored of.

Abi X 

Ps any recommendations for next time I'm down??