Thursday, 3 November 2016

Changing my perceptions: one bralet at a time!!

I recently had, well what felt to me, a hell of mind opener. And to be honest, the star of the show was none other than the humble bralet. It's challenged my own perceptions of myself and my self esteem. Today's post is merely my attempt to express my own revelation.

 So earlier this month I got a new tattoo on my upper back, about where my bra strap and band would sit. I've definitely got a good pair on me so there was no way I was going braless. Instead I purposely bought a few bras with racer backs and a couple of Bralets to wear that hopefully wouldn't annoy my tattoo too much.
Nothing that strange right? Well....
The truth is I'd never bought a bralet for myself before because, and this is where I feel really silly...but because I thought I couldn't pull one off with bigger boobs. 

Like, it seems silly just looking at that sentence. I Normally I never ever consider buying anything like them purely based on that one ignorant thought. Its really strange because on girls the same size or bigger than me I've never doubted they could rock one. So why did I feel that way about myself?
The truth is although I strongl believe in body positivity, I was doing myself an injustice and not applying to myself.
I've been setting restrictions on myself because of my body shape for absolutely no good reason. I hadn't even realised.

Its time that changed. 
I wore that bralet on a day to day basis because it was the comfiest by far for my new tat, its well into my bra rotation now. Shock horror, the world didn't explode. Nobody swooned. No disasters. Nowt. Admittedly I still prefer more supportive bras in general but I feel more comfortable being a little more open minded on my selections.
It's genuinely had such a positive  effect on my own personal view of myself.
I wouldn't put up with restrictive shit like that from strangers, so damn it Im certainly not putting up with it from me. 

*mic drop*
Abi X