Wednesday, 21 December 2016

A Quota of Quoats

Howdy! Today's post is a wee homage to brands who are keen to engage with bloggers as well as have a little bit of fun...
I first cam across Quoats  as one of the goodies after CarnLival, in which they'd kindly donated products to the amazing goodie bags we received( check my reveal video here). I was lucky enough to receive the Coconut and Raspberry flavour. 
It's here that things get interesting, as I am a lover of porridge, I was excited to tuck in and try it. Sadly I wasn't that impressed. It was yummy but I juts felt the coconut took the edge of. The quinoa aspect was actually very nice. I'll admit at first I thought the portion size was a bit small but it was probably just right once all ready.  Naturally I had a good old tweet about the experience..
To my pleasant surprise the lovely people behind Quoats got in touch and offered to send me a few other flavours to try, which I did like much better. The Date and Pecan flavour was incredibly yummy, more so than I'd expected! I'll admit I did spice the original pots up with some seeds but still, no complaints from me!

This wasn't a sponsered review, but I felt that having brands who are so willing to work engage and wprk with bloggers is a real treat. They totally deserve a cheeky clap on the back, so thank you Jen and Rob!

Abi x

ps. would you try Quoats?
Did you like my title? My phone keeps trying to autocorrect to quota haha