Thursday, 1 December 2016

Am I a real blogger yet?

Okay, so this isn't an existential crisis. It's a post just to ask a simple question: Am I real blogger yet?

Everyone's idea of blogging is different, I get that. In fact that's what makes it great. Anyone can be a blogger, if they put their mind to it. Yet, when do we start to become bloggers in the eyes of our peers? Yes, you might feel like one, but do they?

I've recently been lucky enough to be invited to a great pressevent in Liverpool, the first I've ever been to. I'm due to attend a blogger meet up (CarnLIVal?). So, it feels to me that my blogs starting to spread its wings a little bit. In a nice way of course, but it really just made me wonder at what point do we become real bloggers?

Is it simply a count up of how many events we're invited to? Or the exact number followers on, well any of the classic social medias?  There's no trick question here. I'm genuinely curious because lately I've been feeling much more validated as a writer and there's no real reason for why that I can see

Over a year ago I launched this little blog, hell you can see my first post for proof. It feels like I've come a long way since then, so maybe thats why I 'm feeling more confident identifying myself as a blogger. This blog has been a slow burner in terms of growth, it's probably at the crawling stage if anything never mind hitting the toddler years. It's seen periods of minimal content, and eras of proliferic postings.

One things for certain... whether I am a real blogger or not, this little rambley blog is purely for me.

Abi x

Ps. when do you consider someone a real blogger?