Saturday, 24 December 2016

CarnLIVal: blogger event!

Soooo, let's face it, most of the people who will read this post were probably at the event with me. But this is my blog and I can write what I want #rebel.
Let's crack on with the post! 

To shake things up a bit, and also because there was so much going on, I've tried to sun the event up via list form. In fact I've picked twelve cool( to me) things to talk about, the idea being to help keep things all Christmassy!

1. People: number one on my list has to be the people! It was lovely to meet so many bloggers, including finally meet Katy herself( what a baaaaabe), #sorynotsorry to Sam.... Shout outs also go to Robyn, Kaz, Sarah and Alana for literally the most amusing petrol stop I've ever had in my life.
2. Stations: we had several different stations to raise money for charity. My favourite being the anonymous Christmas poem competition. 
3. Quiz: is it Christmas without obscure questions and fierce competitions?? Nope! Still gutted my team didn't win...
4. jumpers: my jumper didn't quite pan out but let's face it I had no chance of winning once Codi arrives in a TMNT Christmas jumper
5. Brands: there was such a variety of brands featured, covering tea bags to sex toys( as you do). We also had a really interesting talk from Goodyfull*'s rep Lex, explaining the role of the brand and how they promote the concept of moderation, so well worth a check out if you're interested in making a healthy lifestyle change anytime soon (aka New Years...)
6. Goody bags: well they were sure to crop up on this list because they were seriously gooood. So good in fact that I filmed a cheeky lil reveal video on YouTube. You're welcome ;)
7.Charity: not only was the event a great chance to meet and chat, it was alllll for a good cause! The chosen charity was Choose Life and a total of was raised.
8. Naughty and nice bags: These were SUCH A GOOD IDEA!And I'm not just sayong that because I won a load of lube and a vibrator, honest...
9. The dog!: Where best for a blog event, than somewhere that ahs a real dog behind the bar! He eas seriously cute!
10. Drinks: Plenty on tap[ and reasonably priced... a few of us had quite a few but it was all in good spirits
11. New blogs: This  is one of the best parts, I've found lots of new blogs to follow since the event. It was well worth going just for this aspect alone.
12. Gate crashing: so basically I self invited myself to the after drinks...#noshame

Not sure this lot will quite fit to the tune of twelve days of Christmas but hey use your imagination!

Did you go to CarnLIVal?

Abi x

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