Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Blog tour: Burned and Broken by Mark Hardie

I've been lucky enough to take part in another blog tour! The latest offer comes courtesy of publishers Little, Brown who have sent me a pre-release paperback of Mark Hardie's debut novel: Burned.
(Avaible on ebook, paperback due in May 2017).

What can I say about the book? Well it's gritty crime novel following the story of multiple charachters prior to the finding of a dodgy police officers dead body. Certainly a good premise, and a story that felt right up my street.
The story is split between the charachters of DC Russell, partner to the victim, who is being investigated and Donna. Donna is a young woman who is struggling to survive after losing her closest friend, and is seeking retribution for her death.
The plot for me was the highlight and I felt that the individual components really contributed to the story. The resolution of the story arc felt natural and worked really well (nope not giving owt else away!). On the downside,early on the narration felt slightly disjointed at times, until the links between the plot arcs become more clear.
Another downside was that at times the desriptive work fell a bit flat. It seemed slightly forced at times. I mention this as a slight standout as mostly I found it very well written.
A sure fire question to answer is would I read it again? On that front it's a yes, on the proviso that a sequel is forthcopmning. As a debut novel I was impressed and I really hope that Hardie continues with the charachters he's created.

Overall rating: 7/10

Abi x