Monday, 30 January 2017

Blogging in politics

If we're honest blogging and politics make for a volatile mix. Whomever you support, whatever you voted its undeniable that the world has become conflicted in its views. So, is adding a load of confident, intelligible and aware blogger to the mix a good idea?
To be honest, there's no right or wrong answer. I read a post by Abbey Louisa Rose which sunned up the pros and cons of bloggers using their platform for political gain recently. I actually felt it summed up my own thinking on the subject very well. In fact, it argued the case almost too good because now I'm undecided. 

This blog falls nicely under the category of escapism. I use it to escape the pressures of my daily life and hope that my readers use it as a similar outlet.
 I mostly prefer to keep my content neutral and typically light hearted. 
So I can respect bloggers who feel similar.
On the other hand, does this mean I don't care?  Of course I bloody do! I was inspired by the incredible Women March recently and felt my own beliefs often matches those of the marchers. I personally dislike President Trump and it genuinely concerns me what he's already done within the first few weeks in power.  These are my thoughts and beliefs. They don't typically have a place on the blog but they do come out to play on Twitter and the accounts I surround myself with.

Whatever you decide, be true to yourself. Use your platform as you feel you should, in a way that you feel confident supporting.

How do you feel about politic and blogging?

Abi X