Monday, 20 February 2017

It's time...

It's finally time. At the grand old age of 22, I am finally doing something I've been putting off for years now. In truth it's been more of an intensified avoidance the past 2 years. In today's post I'm talking about learning to drive. 
For me it's not a thing to take lightly, and actually causes me a lot of anxiety.
In fact I nearly started lessons 3 years ago but ended up instead doing my motorbike CBT. Through bittersweet circumstances I  owned a motorbike at 19, that was not in the best condition. However I really couldn't afford it, and  although I loved the actual riding, I hated how vulnerable I felt on the road. It was these two things that caused to sell my bike last summer after not riding it for over a year.
You might think that being a rider might give me more confidence as a driver. Nope! I was so nervous that I avoided booking lessons for another 6 months. Shock horror, my anxiety never improved  because I had no outlet for it. Avoiding learning simply fed into it. To the point where I've begun to feel anxious when I'm a front seat passenger. Yep...
I finally pushed myself into booking lessons a couple of weeks back and I'm due to start then soon. 
I don't have high hopes of it being an easy thing for me to learn, but I'm proud of myself  for taking plunge.

So watch this space, learner drive coming through.

Abi X
P.s. How nervous where/are you about learning to drive?