Sunday, 12 February 2017

My relationship with running

I can't run. These words crop up often in my thoughts. Running to me has always been a challenge. I've never had much endurance and frankly hated any long distance running forced on me at school. I'm lucky enough to work in an environment in which exercise is actively promoted. Part of that includes running. 
I see running as a challenge that I want to master. 
To that aim I've signed up for a few races. The first of which being at the end of May. It's scary but if I keep consistently training it'll be manageable.

I've been mad googling tips and asking people for advice. The best I've come up with is just to be consistent and sensible in training. 
I'll be talking about this new life development (haha) more on the blog in future. So if you have any advice send it my way! 

Abi X