Monday, 13 February 2017

6 times you know you're an adult

This isn't a whine. It's a full on rant. This winter I can't seem to last more than fortnight before I'm ill again. I usually am quite prone to catching colds but this year has really taken the biscuit. So take it from me I've got plenty of practise looking after myself these past few months.

It seems that being ill and nursing yourself back to health(eventually) is a right of passage in adulthood. It got me thinking at this tender age of 22, it's time I accepted that I am officially in the adult club. It can't be avoided. Instead I've decided on aversion therpay. I'v ecreated a list fo definitive moments which make you realise you impending adulthood.
  1. Being ill away from home//it sucks but hey ho we all have to get through it and provide our own TLC
  2. Council Tax// why are there no convenient guides? It's taken me a while to get on top of this. First underpaying, then overpaying. You're not an adult until you've had to faff around with your council tax.
  3. Doctors visits// Similar to number 1 oin this list, you're not really an adult until you have to sort your own quack visits out. No parents, no mates after school, all on your ownsome.
  4. Buying house things// that time you got excited about a new ironing board? Yep, definitely an adult thing
  5. Bedtime// being a grown up means that you go to bed when you want. It's especially gratifying when you realise you can go to bed early with no interrogation! 
  6. booking a holiday// okay, so you can do this as a late teen but still there's something satisfying about booking a cheeky weekend somewhere. Just. Because. You. Can.
Just a few ideas for you! What would you add o this list? 

Abi x