Friday, 17 February 2017

Trainspotting 2: review

You may remember about this time last year I was reviewing Trainspotting(the book) as part of the Infinite Variety challenge( RIP). In a brief summary, I found if totally naff. It's funny how things come around again, don't you think? 
Well I eventually watched the first film a few weeks back and really enjoyed it. I'll admit this surprised me, but it just such a unique film it's hard not to enjoy it. 

As you can imagine, it don't take much persuading from Lewis to pop down the local cinema to watch the new sequel. 
In truth we made a nice date night of it, albeit a cheap one. 
We stopped at the neighbouring Nandos before the show ( 20% Nhs discount, thank me later). Then we killed time at the Asda nearby( also bought these amazing pug sheets!). 
Onto the film! Now Lewis is a student member of The Times so we made use of their 2-4-1 offer on cinema tickets and treated ourselves to "VIP" seats. Which were soooo comfy and reclined(hell yeah) and I would defo recommend. 

We were feeling pretty chill heading into the ads. This feeling lasted throughout the whole film to be honest. It not only lives up to expectations but personally I enjoyed it more than the first one. It has te same realistic yet outlandish feel to it. There's a few trippy moments as previous which are included as effectively as the original. A great music soundtrack was a must, and didn't fail to deliver with artists such as Blondie and The Clash featuring. 
We even get updated monologue on "choose life" which is both modernised and cutting.

The only part I didn't enjoy was a scene early on which made me gag for about ten minutes. Managed to avoid saying a second hello to my Nandos... 
Still I would 10/10 recommend the film to anyone who enjoyed the first film.

 Would you go watch Trainspotying 2? What should I go see next in the cinema? 

Abi X