Saturday, 25 March 2017

Looking forward

After my last post I felt it was only fair if I told you a few things I've been doing lately to keep positive. Mostly I've been making plans, giving myself things to count down to instead of counting how long since.... 
1. Dying my hair// this is something I've wanted to do again for ages. Hopefully by the time this post goes live I'll have had it done 🙌
2. Races// I've signed up to two over the summer. It's not easy but the training has been keeping me busy and actually making me feel pretty good about myself(bonus). 
3. Blog events// these seem to be like buses, I have had none for a while then two come along at once! I had such fun at the #Carlival event before Christmas that it's giving me all the giddy feels for the next few weeks! 
4. Blogging// not just the events, I've been really enjoying writing at the moment. It's cathartic to have somewhere you can just spew out words and feelings.
5.Driving// the lessons continue and I'm inching my way closer to being a fully qualified driver!

There we have it, a few things on my radar at the moment. Between these lot and work and friends, my plate is pretty darn full. In fact it's great, and I'm loving the positive changes I've been making.

What's going on with you guys? 

Abi x